Developing an Automated Trade System?

According to research that are available, the proportion of automated trading has surpassed the level of 80% of the market. It’s a clear sign of automated trading systems’ (ATS) effectiveness in risk management , and a rise in the profitability of any market. What is the process to build an impervious precise, and fault-free ATS? Learn more about how to create an ATS trading platform, and also get answers to other queries you may have regarding the development of trading systems.

What is an Automated Trader System?

Before we begin to build an automated trading platform, we need to define the word. ATS can also be described as algorithmic trading or algo, mechanical or even automated trading. These terms refer to an automated trading platform that checks markets for certain circumstances using computer algorithms. Traders set specific rules for purchasing and selling orders which are executed by ATS.

These systems were developed as an outcome of the increasing popularity of trading as well as the growing amount of investors from the private sector. This led to the development of trading instruments that facilitate trading and buying of orders on stock exchanges and the application of these methods will continue to increase.

Benefits from Automated Trading Systems

As technology advances, capabilities, and the development of new software automated trading is becoming more efficient in managing dangers and increasing profitability. Below, you’ll discover the top benefits of automated trading.

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Strong discipline

One of the most difficult tasks is to create an investment plan and stick to it. A strategy that could be profitable is not successful if traders violate their rules. Automated trading systems enable traders to maintain consistency by trading within an established plan. Neither fear of losing as well as the desire to make more profits from trading would result in a violation of the rules.

Lower risk of errors made by hand

Automated trading software decreases the chance of human error by reducing the human element. When a person has the chance of making a mistake due to tension, disorientation or fatigue, computers perform in a manner that is unmistakable. It’s a huge advantage when one error could cost you a lot.

Diversified trading

ATS lets users trade across multiple accounts, or replicating the strategy for various stocks or using various strategies at the same time. It examines various markets for certain conditions, makes orders, monitors trades and lets traders trade at any time, making it possible to diversify their portfolios effectively. This allows you to spread the risk among different instruments, and still protect yourself against losing your positions.


Backtesting can help traders determine the most effective strategy through the testing of rules using previous data prior to putting their money on trading. This is because of the basic principle behind automated trading. In order to design a system that is automated, it’s important that computers must be given precise instructions on what it is supposed to do, and that all rules must be absolute. Traders establish these exact rules based on historical data and thus verifying or debunking the concept. This lets users adjust strategies and stop losses before attempting real-time trading.

Instant orders placement

In the event of getting into or out of trades even milliseconds of delay can impact the trade. So, when making the system, it’s important to ensure the lowest latency. This is crucial in volatile markets where prices are subject to rapid change. High-frequency trading systems instantly create orders when the criteria for trading are met, thereby increasing the chance of getting the best bargain.

The emotional component is less

A rational and well-informed decision is the key to success for traders although it is sometimes difficult to remain objective and neutral and calm. Automated trading systems counteract the human factor’s impact since it isn’t able to feel the excitement and follows the rules that are established, reducing the risk of reckless and reckless trades. The system is fully automated that means there are less chances that a trader will be unable to recover the whole capital.

Cost of Automated Trading System Development

Let’s discuss the cost to determine the cost to create an exchange platform to create a trading platform and the specific features you need to incorporate. The final cost could vary dependent on the rate of the vendor and so we’ll calculate costs in person-hours to make the most of simplicity. Be aware that these estimates are rough. Sum of all different activities is around 1000 hours. We will deeply discuss cost of every activity in other posts. I also posted some tips for beginner traders. I confidently encourage you to check out our blog.

Trading strategy

The process of creating an ATS begins with the development and implementation of trade strategies. There isn’t a universal approach to trading which is why users have to discover their own preferred strategies that can be traded automatically. In order to do this, they need the ability to choose among different indicators in order to utilize them as a set rules to trade.

Broker connection

In order to place orders and execute them customers must link their accounts with brokerage firms with ATS. This can be done by connecting brokers to an automated trading platform.

Trade log

Trade log allows users to gain a comprehensive look at their trading history, allowing them to identify their successes as well as identify any mistakes and tweak their preferred strategies. The trade log generally includes information about rules that are set for instruments, orders kinds of orders, the prices, number of contracts and time, among others.

Modifiable settings and parameters

The ability to adapt is crucial to have a top-quality ATS. To be able to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market, the ATS must be able to be adjusted and customized. The users may need to alter the parameters to protect orders, or adjust the maximum size of an order as well as the maximum intraday positioning and price tolerance, among others as well as be able adjust their strategies at any time they require to do so.

Management of trade

While the name ATS refers to the use of automation, it doesn’t restrict manual control since sometimes users have to tweak certain parameters. The ability to manage trades allows users to manage trades in the exact moment they’re completed – make the order limit, define the value for take profit/stop loss or cancel an order closing positions, and alter several other parameters to increase the results.

Dashboard and charts

A reliable access to user information is crucial for making informed decisions. Dashboards and charts enable users have access to specific information like the balance of their account as well as day-trade results, commissions, various indicators, price movements and anything else they require to enhance their performance.


The development of a reliable, stable and effective ATS is a lengthy procedure that is comprised of numerous elements: customer’s needs and resources, experience of the vendor and communication between the two. Quality of ATS is crucial as faulty or unfeatured software can cause massive losses, therefore developing an automated trading system requires an extensive knowledge base from the vendor’s perspective.

Forex Trading Using Bots

Forex trading has seen a great deal of growth in popularity over the past ten years. In fact, it is the largest financial market in the world and accounts for a huge chunk of the world’s gross domestic product. While this vast amount of activity can be incredibly lucrative, it also comes with many dangers that can present themselves when you are dealing with the foreign currency exchange. While automated Forex trading software can reduce some of these risks, they should only be used under the most secure of circumstances.

traders talking about forex signals

How Does Automated Trading Work

When traders start working with automated forex trading software, they are usually running the program from a remote location. This allows them to remain in their comfort zone, without being constantly in contact with clients or customers. A common issue that can occur is that people may not get back to the computer or access the data feed because they were busy at the time. This can result in lost profits.

As long as the account the trader is using is reliable, the automated forex trading software can take care of the transactions for them. However, there is a key factor to consider. The automatic trading program must be set up with a reliable broker. Most brokers have their own automated trading platforms that clients can use from their own computers. These platforms are used to ensure that trades are executed correctly and can sometimes include various risk factors.

This means that automated forex trading software that is used by a trustworthy broker will be trustworthy and profitable as well. If a new trader signs up for an automated platform, they should first test it extensively by utilizing one demo account. Many automated forex trading software programs offer demo and practice accounts. Some brokers even offer free demo accounts to new clients as a way to promote their services and attract new customers. This can be beneficial for the new trader to determine if automated forex trading software is the right decision for them.

Analyzing Market, Strategies and Trades

Even with a good automated forex trading software, traders should not depend on it alone. They should still practice their own strategies and stick to them. This is important for beginners because while automated forex trading software can save them time and money, if they do not take their strategy seriously, they will not be successful. Traders should understand their own risk factors and the market as well. They need to analyze the market data as well as analyze the automated forex trading software to determine which types of trades they should enter.

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Final Words

Even if a trader does not use automated forex trading software, they can still profit from the forex market. If they have the right strategy, then they can make profits from many different types of transactions. They just need to know how to read the market signals correctly and use the automated forex trading software for guidance. They can still enjoy the benefits of automated forex trading software if they know how to make the best decisions for themselves. If you wonder how much money a forex day trader can make, I encourage you to check our article on that topic.

Free Forex virtual private server and Bot traders

Many professional retail forex traders use a Virtual Private Server to enhance their trading systems. New Zealand-based hosting company and VPS provider is now offering supersonic low-latency free Forex trading hosting aimed at helping ambitious trader professional and institutional traders around the world. 

A Virtual Private Server, is a must-have tool in every forex trader’s toolbox, especially those professionals who have enhanced automated robots helping in their trades. This specialized virtual machine, called a Forex VPS, is a special emulation of a server that works independently on a server through modern virtualization technologies. Despite the fact that every physical server hosts several Forex VPS machines, this technology prohibits different VPS machines from competing over resources and starvation. Traders are always looking for an effective solution that boosts their order execution speed, and bot performance. RouterHosting offers Forex VPS servers with powerful hardware that enhances processing speed and reliability. High-speed connectivity is ensured, serving trading firms, investment banks as well as individual algorithmic traders. Although, they offer this solution at very low prices and even offer free forex VPS to those who do retail trading.

For latency-critical strategies, they have placed their servers in data centers with the least network distance from forex trading hubs around the world. These servers are specially configured to create a fast and stable environment for trading applications. The KVM virtualization technology used ensures that the speed and performance of each machine are protected and guaranteed, by giving each VPS its own dedicated resources.

What is the meaning of Forex VPS?

Forex is the abbreviation of Foreign Exchange, a network where buyers and sellers directly trade international currencies and cryptocurrencies with each other. In the foreign exchange market, many large companies try to hedge risks by using spot, futures, or futures contracts to trade currencies. Most of the world’s currency exchanges are carried out here. There are also some investors and traders trying to take advantage of market trends. Among the traders who want to profit from foreign exchange, there are large companies and funds, as well as many small traders and individuals who specialize in such activities. These foreign exchange retailers either have expensive dedicated computers for trading or use cheaper VPS solutions because of their reliability and stability.

Forex Trading Automatically 

In the past decade, a new form of foreign exchange transactions has emerged: electronic transactions have dominated the interbank and retail money markets due to the increase in the use of the Internet and computers, and mobile phones. By providing a free retail foreign exchange platform, ordinary people and small businesses can conduct foreign exchange transactions. However, this requires expertise, and tracking the market and collecting information on which business decisions are based can be very time-consuming.

Automated trading enables individuals with little time or experience to participate in the foreign exchange market. Computers, internet connections, and automated foreign exchange trading algorithms (also known as foreign exchange robots) are all that are needed for automated foreign exchange trading. You can download standard algorithms of different complexity. From the Internet, however, experienced traders may prefer to use a standard programming language like MQL to create their own.

Automated trading algorithms (or advisors) usually mimic what a skilled human trader would do. Forex technical data and charts are analyzed, news and market information is monitored and used to determine which orders should be placed. But they go beyond simple advice, algorithms determine trading strategies and trade. Therefore, automatic foreign exchange trading is also called algorithmic trading. What is VPS? How does VPS work? As the name suggests, a VPS or virtual private server is a virtual machine (VM), which functions as a server on the Internet.

A VPS can contain an operating system version that can be remotely controlled from almost any other device that can access it. Similar to web hosting servers, because they contain all the data of a given website and can be viewed via an internet-connected desktop or laptop, but VPS can directly host desktops. Although multiple VPSs are created on one computer, they can work independently. Guarantee certain CPU performance, storage space, RAM, and transfer rate every month. In short, VPS is a desktop in the cloud. There are many use cases for VPS, especially for organizations and individuals who need to access their computers remotely instead of taking the device anywhere.

A transaction computer with advantages of speed, low latency, security, and protection. There are cheap foreign exchange VPS hosting services that provide VPS especially designed for foreign exchange transactions. A high-speed 1 Gbps server with enough CPU cores, RAM, and fast storage to run commercial software.

How to do Forex trading using Bots?

Forex exchanging robots are mechanized programs that produce exchanging signals. A large portion of these robots has worked with MetaTrader, utilizing the MQL prearranging language, which allows merchants to create exchange signs or spot orders and oversee exchanges.

Computerized forex exchanging robots are accessible for buy over the Internet, yet merchants should practice alert when purchasing any such exchange framework. In many cases, organizations will jump up for the time being to sell exchanging frameworks with an unconditional promise prior to vanishing half a month after the fact.

The organizations are not authentic frameworks for surveying hazards and opportunities. They may filter out effective exchanges as the most probable result for an exchange or use bend fitting to produce extraordinary outcomes while backtesting a framework, yet are not authentic frameworks for surveying hazard and opportunity. Another analysis against forex exchanging robots is that they produce benefits over the present moment however their exhibition over the long haul is blended. This is basically on the grounds that they are computerized to move within a specific reach and pursue directions. Thus, an unexpected value development can crash benefits made for the time being.

The most ideal approach to begin is to open a demo account with a forex exchanging dealer that upholds MetaTrader and afterward begin exploring different avenues regarding creating MQL scripts. Subsequent to fostering a framework that performs well while backtesting, brokers ought to apply the program to paper exchanging to test the adequacy of the framework in live conditions. Ineffective projects can be changed, while fruitful projects can be increased with progressively bigger measures of genuine capital.

All in all, numerous brokers attempt to foster computerized exchanging frameworks dependent on their current specialized exchanging rules. Whatever frameworks are more effective than others. A model may be a broker who looks for breakouts and has a particular methodology for deciding a stop-misfortune and take-benefit point. These guidelines could be effectively adjusted to work in a computerized style instead of being physically executed. Merchants should watch out for these frameworks to guarantee that they’re filling in true to form and make changes when essential.

How To Select A Forex Server

forex server

For most traders Forex servers are the heart of their online trading ventures. It is the platform upon which traders do all their trading and investment decisions. It is therefore imperative that traders have a platform upon which they can build their reputation, establish their reputations as expert advisors, and attract new clients. To get the best from your Forex server, it is important that you find a provider that can give you a lot of services for a reasonable price. Here are some of the things you should look for in a Forex server:

The foremost aspect that you need to consider when choosing a forex server is the cost of its maintenance and service. You should therefore look out for routers that offer managed bandwidth and dedicated IP addresses to ensure that your transactions are secure. Many traders who have invested in these servers have found out to their chagrin that they are overcharged by the providers for these types of services.

For people who have a lot of traffic on their website, shared bandwidth and dedicated IP addresses can be more advantageous. With a shared forex server hosting plan, traders are sharing the same IPs with other websites and this can affect the speed of your transactions. With a dedicated server, however, you will enjoy faster transactions because the servers will be hosted in data centers, which are capable of handling large volumes of web traffic. Dedicated servers also offer several benefits that are not available with shared servers. These include better uptime, greater loading capacity, superior cabling, and additional security features.

In addition, you should also consider the kind of hardware that is provided with the servers. Traders who want high levels of performance and reliability should opt for brokers that are located near the servers. The ideal choice would be brokers that are within 100 miles of the nearest servers. This allows traders to reduce lag time, which can be a substantial factor in increasing profits. You should also check the latencies of the servers since higher latencies have a negative impact on your transactions.

Aside from ensuring that brokers are close by, you should also check if there is enough power and RAM available for running the software on the server. An excellent option would be dedicated virtual private servers (VPS) or virtual dedicated servers (VDS). With a VDS, each physical server has its own operating system, which simplifies management. However, these systems are known to have lower levels of RAM and processing power. If you need higher levels of security and reliability, you should use a cloud server, which is available anywhere and accessible to any user, anytime.

A forex platform is also important when you want to start trading forex. Without a trading platform, it would be hard for traders to perform functions such as online research, money transfers, and analysis of market signals. Most brokers today also offer trading platforms, which make it easier for traders to start their transactions.

However, if you use dedicated servers for your forex VPS or dedicated servers, you will have better bandwidth and better security features. The platform of the broker also determines the level of security you can enjoy. The good platforms allow easy access to all users, and the brokers’ control panel helps in monitoring the servers and responding to user commands instantly. Most importantly, the platform allows real-time trades to happen in the financial market without any delays.

When looking for a suitable forex platform or server, it is important to consider the features included in the package. Some of the most popular forex trading platforms include Metatrader and Forex Auto Pilot. These packages usually come with several add-ons and tools, which enable you to manage and operate your account easily. You may also want to look for pricing starts from different providers. Pricing starts from as low as $100 per month and you can get the best features included in the package for even less.

How to choose the best forex VPS?

These days we hear about VPS servers which cost a little and offer appropriate service to the users.

VPS serves clients with a high-performance virtual server. Enough capacity and process power enable these virtual private servers to be faster and more reliable than client servers. When you rent a VPS, you will gain access to a virtual dedicated server on a shared physical server. Such systems have lower costs and more efficiency. Sometimes you want to trade in the Forex market.

Then you will need to connect to the forex market and place the orders with the power of process. One solution is full dedicated servers. But it has two problems, the cost, and too many resources more than you need. Sometimes the best option is Virtual Private Servers.

One of the server’s main quality elements is the distance between clients and the physical server. The farther distance between the client and the VPS will result in a low-performance quality of the server. VPS providers generally distribute the body of the servers in several places in the world to serve more clients based on their distance.

For hiring the best forex VPS solution, you should consider the distance factor.

Several VPS providers offer the clients their services with differences in quality and price, but which one is the best?

If clients want to find a high-performance VPS with enough reliability and good speed, various providers are there to serve you with their services. It’s an overwhelming process to find the best server hosting for Forex trading.

fast and stable

Servers are fully equipped with all crucial resources. These resources enable VPS servers to set up easier. This VPS server means to provide customers with high-performance and most stable servers in the UK.

Stable server solution you can ever have.


Customer Support

The Forex market is an online market 24/7 and is requiring full-time support. Any problem or query have to get in touch with the support technicians team. The forex VPS support team in London covers the online issues and resolves issues with highly knowledgeable and experts technicians.


Multiple Locations

Located its servers across the globe. You can easily connect to any preferred servers for the UK. Customers is one of the best solutions to get reliable and stable services.

Easier Control Panel

The people who use VPS for forex trade don’t want to engage with technical issues. Fast and easy rules are here for users to control their VPS server via the control panel. Control panel interface is clean and makes you able to track your resources in the best possible way.


Reasonable Pricing Plan

Each VPS server plan has a highly reasonable price. The provider in general offers a range of pricing plans. each plan has its pricing structure. However, you can choose which can fulfill your VPS server requirements more effectively.


Setting Customisations

You have full root access and much more; these servers are equipped with an automated virtualized control panel. You can activate a VPS instantly with this control panel.

Full root access and much more are in your hand. You can manage other aspects of the server’s window easier as well.


is the go-to solution for anyone who wants a reliable, fast, and stable VPS in London. Its helpful features make it a good option for those who wish to trade in forex fast and effectively. The pricing range is available that can make choices simpler for customers.